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books on chair
got my itinerary for iceland today:

fly in on august 7th. fly out august 21st.

7: get picked up from the airport and go directly here:

afterward, go to our hotel.

8/9: pick up car and head here to grundafjörður:

explore snæfellsjökull glacier and the surrounding areas. stay the night here.

10: head to gauksmýri. explore snæfellsnes and valley of skagafjörður:

stay the night here.

11/12: head to lake myvatn area and visit the baths.

stay the night here.

13: head to the fjords in djúpivogur.

stay the night here.

14: head to glacier lagoon and skaftafell national park:

hotel we're staying at doesn't have a website.. it's called hotel skaftafell.

15: check out the cliffs and waterfalls:

stay the night here.

16-20: back to reykjavik. stop along the golden circle and see geysir and gullfoss:

stay here again.

21: head home. :(

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I hate you. Holy crap, that looks gorgeous (even if you need to resize the pics).

they're messed up? weird. they look perfect on mine.

and yeah, it does look gorgeous. i cannot wait.

A couple of them are huge on my screen.

oh yeah. i see that now that i look at your friends list view. hm. yeah. guess i need to resize those. yikes.

any idea how to do that on lj?

(Deleted comment)
Wow, amazing. And such a long trip! I went to a tiny little hot spring in Idaho that doesn't even begin to compare to those, and it was something I'll remember forever, so I can't imagine how awesome that's going to be.

the way i see it: trips abroad aren't worth the hassle of traveling if they're not long.

i've never been in a hot spring, so i'm especially excited. although, i read they super damage your hair. not looking forward to that. (though, my hair's nowhere near as adorable as yours.)

Aww, thanks!

Considering I HAVE YET TO GET MY PASSPORT, I guess I wouldn't know about the hassles. But I do have the application at least printed out. I'll live vicariously through you until then.

Looking forward to have my say

Hey - I am certainly delighted to find this. great job!

Re: Looking forward to have my say


found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

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