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london retro
just a quick question:

if you were going to visit a travel-related website that's got text and photos, would you prefer that text to be blog-style writing (today i went here, saw this, ate this, my favorite things are, etc.), or more travel-style writing (like feelings evoked, or pieces of a trip, like a scene. think along the lines of a magazine article about a particular destination).

or perhaps both? a snippet of travel-style writing, and a rundown of things done (like an itinerary, with a few extras)?

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I think a mixture of both, but definitely picture-heavy.

Def pictures, but arranged so that one might use the article as a carry-along...and a mix of known sites and your own discoveries in each area. Your personal discoveries are so much better than the over-reported stuff. I've always relied on personal recs to go beyond the "tourist" facades. I like to feel the real flavor of places, i.e. local faces, shops, homes.
Great idea, BTW!

agreed about the personal recs! i always make it a point to do the touristy things, just to check them off my list, but i love to find the off-the-beaten-path goodies. :)

and thanks!

or perhaps both? a snippet of travel-style writing and a rundown of things done (like an itinerary w

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